Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Berkeley, CA, part II.

We went out in Berkeley today and wandered around. There's lots of homeless kids near the campus. Or, not homeless, but kids who basically just travel around. They chill on the street and ask for money. And then the crazy, really homeless people also chill on the street and ask for money.

We didn't do much today... Just watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which is surprisingly good and funny), went out for lunch, then went out for dinner. As we walked up and down the main drag, I gave some of my change to the kids who had been sitting on the street all day, and told them to get beer. When we were walking back from where we ate to go to Raleighs, a bar, I gave them more change and asked them if they got beer yet. One of the guys, after saying thank you, said, "First we get home; then we party!" Ah, kids with a goal. I'd have split the take and bought some liquor or beer.

Next: San Deigo! And my best buddy Mark.

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