Saturday, September 13, 2008

Berkeley, CA

After we left Vegas, we had a ten hour drive to stay with EGo's friend, Yulia, in Berkeley.

I pulled over at one point for food and gas. We stopped at this place called Peggy Sue's, a fifty's themed diner. I had the best ice cream soda of my life there. Anyway, after we leave, EGo drives. Then half an hour later he realizes he left his cell phone at the diner. We turn around, get it, then turn around again. Small loss of time. I encourage him never to do that again.

After about a ten hour drive, we arrive in Berkeley. Yulia goes to grad school here, and has just moved into the neighborhood. So we walk down one of the main Berkeley drags to find food. We stop at Fat Slice, which is passable pizza for being on the West Coast. It was doughy but still decent.

Apparently that street is where all the protesters and activists will sit during the day and just scream out propaganda, their veiws on life, and that everything you're doing is wrong and terrible. I think I'll avoid that street during the day. At night, it was just one clean-cut girl sitting on a bunch of unfolded newspaper pages on the sidewalk...talking on her cell phone. That's the American way.

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