Friday, September 12, 2008

Las Vegas, NV, part II.

So I wake up with a hangover. Of course. With six hours of sleep. But I kind of feel okay, so I leave EGo asleep in the room and go down to the Circus Circus buffet. It was worth the thirteen bucks. However, I promptly had a worse hangover from eating. I don't know why my body works that way.

I go back up to the room. EGo is awake. We chat a bit, but then I pass out for a few more hours. Around five, I wake up again. EGo and I hit the strip.

Vegas is unimpressive during the day. It needs the dark and the blazing neon cutting through the night to be the crazy city of sin, sweat, bad decisions, brief highs, lost money, and broken hearts that it truly is.

We wandered around. I played about two bucks in the penny slots at Caesars Palace, which we went in just so I could see what it was like. Very classy. So was the Bellagio. We stood on a walkway over the street to watch the Bellagio's water fountain show. Know that end scene in Ocean's Eleven? The show is syncronized to music when you're there in person. It is very awesome. However, the music they chose to use for the show we watched was "Proud To Be An American." So, that knocked the class aspect down to almost zero. It also made me want to laugh hysterically when some lady next to me was singing along, very sincerely.

After that, we went back and spent the remainder of our time at Treasure Island. I'm a big fan of that place. The Black Jack tables were kinder to me that night, and I came out twenty five bucks ahead. Not a large recoup of my previous nights losses, but I'll take it.

I took no pictures at all in Vegas because I was very intent on losing a decent sum of money.

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