Thursday, September 4, 2008

Milwaukee, WI, part III.

Today I was too hung over to even split the 12 hour drive to South Dakota with EGo, so we're leaving tomorrow. Today we played a lot of Wii. Went out to another brewery for dinner (Rock Bottom brewery; I did not partake). Then to a custard shop.

I like Milwaukee. It's a nice, moderately sized city that isn't overwhelmingly crowded, or complicated to get around. It's clean and spacious, but still has a city feel to it. And there are plenty of breweries and bars. Always a plus. Anyway, I'd consider living here, which is saying a lot for me, being as that this isn't a blue state. Heh.

I should be able to update tomorrow, when we get to South Dakota. The campground I want to stay at has free WiFi, as well as hot showers and other amenities. One of which is laundry. That's great, because I'm all out of clean clothes. I think I have one pair of clean socks left, and a pair of clean shorts. That would be it. I will be down for real camping when I have the clean clothes to do it in.

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Jason said...

Glad you like Milwaukee so much! Hope the rest of your trip has been good!