Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fort Collins, CO

In the morning in Wyoming, EGo and I wake up and beat it right out of there. I can't tell you how eager I was to get the hell out of that state. We didn't even stop to eat until we hit the Colorado border. I shit you not.

So, we get to Mandy and Dave's. Two of my friends from college, and I haven't been so happy to see friendly faces in all my life. We chill out at their apartment for awhile, then go out to buy sealant for the tent, stop at a Wachovia ATM, and get some other stuff for Mandy.

At one point Mandy is talking to her parents on her cell phone, so we drop into a local bar to kill some time. Let me tell you, the altitude here completely influences the effect of alcohol on your body. I had one pint, and drank it very slowly, and I was buzzed. Unbelievable. It's a bit scary, actually. I'm glad we're not as high up as say, Denver. I don't want to know what the effects would be like at that height.

We take Dave and Mandy's dog, Salem, to a dog park, which is actually fun (as someone who has never owned a dog, I really delight in stuff like that). When we get back, Dave makes some awesome five or six layer dip with guacamole for dinner (THANK YOU again for real food my god it's so good). They feed EGo and I some of the local beer that they have in the fridge. I think I had two more, and yeah, still feeling the effects. Craziness. Then EGo, Dave and I play some Halo 2 while Mandy laughs at us and hangs plant hooks. Also, they let us do laundry, which is awesome, because, well, I'm out of clothes.

More to follow about Colorado tomorrow.

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