Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Carlsbad, CA, part II.

This place has changed my mind about the ocean. Mark and I went in today (EGo can't swim: he stayed in the shallow part), and there's literally NO animals. I won't lie, though; I did look up how to survive a riptide and an undertow, in case those did happen. It was awesome. Jumping through the waves, getting kicked around a bit by the ones that broke over me: at one point I wound up underwater entangled in Mark's legs. Don't ask me how.

The other thing that was eventful today was this mircobrewery/pizza joint that we went to, called Pizza Port. Decent beer; they wouldn't serve single slices of pizza after 3pm, though. That was dissapointing. But hey, we sat and played more asshole until the place closed down. The place is worth a visit.

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