Monday, September 1, 2008

Chicago, IL, part II.

I forgot that Illinois is a central time zone. I'm now one hour behind all you East Coast rockers.Today (technically yesterday; I'm writing this at two in the morning), I woke up at four, and was recounted the spectacle that I was last night by EGo. I cringe; I laugh. I immediately text Mike and thank him for being a wonderful friend and holding me up while I puked into his can. Then, I find and drink water. I also locate one of my missing plugs in the bathroom and put it back into the hole in my ear.

EGo and I then pull ourselves together and go to Navy Pier. Mike works as a pirate at the pier, which is possibly the best job ever. There are many tourists, I'm guessing because it's Labor Day. We missed Mike's show that they put on, which is dissappointing, but I like this city so much that I plan on coming back. So I'll probably see it at some point.

So, we go out and chill at Mike's friends house party. I drink some hair of the dog, which makes me (sadly) feel better. Mike does as well. I have to take the worst beer shit ever, so I go into the townhouse, and use the bathroom. Some guy is walking down the stairs as I exit, and looks at me funny. I ignore him and go back outside to converse with Mike and the co-owner of his restaurant, Lulu. Eventually I find out that the people who are throwing this party DO NOT live on the floor on which I used the bathroom. Hah! Ooooops.After the par-tay, Mike takes us to an awesome bar that he calls "the Brickskeller of Chicago," which is called the Map Room. Awesome, nice bar, huge beer selection. Not as big as Brickskeller, but still huge. We play pool, which is free, and I make sure to eat a lot of the bread that is out on the sorta buffet table (also free, and I'm guessing it's for Labor Day as well). Go to this bar if you are ever in the Chicago area. It's awesome.After that we bar-hop some more, see the above sign (I'm sorry we missed that) play some more pool, bar hop, bar hop: I make sure to only drink beer and not get hammered, then go to 7-Eleven for snacks, then crash at Mike's place. Tomorrow: Wisconsin! I'm so happy we're not going there during the winter.

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beware minnesota is full of "Red state people"////