Thursday, September 11, 2008

Las Vegas, NV

Oh. Oh, Vegas. My love for you is boundless.

So, the drive from Colorado to Nevada was long, but went fine. I had EGo drive the last few hours so I could stare at Vegas when it came up. I'm glad. The sprawl of lights was particularly distracting.

We arrived at about 10:30 and checked into Circus Circus. Then I immediately got into the shower. Being dirty sucks. Once I was clean, we hit the strip.

It wasn't as bright and neon-y as I thought it was going to be. There are lots of empty lots now. Also, the Frontier is closed. Other casinos are under construction. Other than that, though, Las Vegas lived up to my expectations. Some bums wandered the strip. There was a huge pile of empty beer bottles on part of a lot, right next to a cardboard box onto which someone had scrawled, "Jesus Loves You!" with a black marker.

EGo and I wind up at Treasure Island, which is definitely my favorite casino so far. (I do plan on going back to Vegas--maybe hit up the five dollar Black Jack table I hear exists at the Bellagio). Anyway, EGo goes to play Texas Hold 'Em, while I sit down at the Black Jack table. I proceed to realize that I've forgotten most of what I remember about playing Black Jack, but quickly start to pick back up the knowledge that I've lost. This table has a 10 dollar minimum.

Then, the free drinks happen. The waitress keeps coming around, asking all of us at the table if we want anything. I tell her Jack and Coke so often that I finally just tell her to keep them coming for every time she circles back to my table (it would take her about 10-15 minutes each trip).

I get drunk. (Not blackout drunk, but drunk.) I play badly. I lose. I go get more money out of the ATM. I lose some more. EGo comes back from losing at poker. We decide to go down the street to the Wynn to check it out. It's about, oh, four in the morning at this point.

I go and I find a table with a 15 dollar minimum; the cheapest I can find. I proceed to gamble some more. EGo then announces that he's tired (EGO IS TIRED? I stayed up longer than him? Where is my friend and what did you do with him???). He leaves to go back to the room and pass out. I stay until about six in the morning, when I'm at the ATM taking out more money, then realize what A BAD IDEA THIS IS.

So I go and lose fifty more bucks and call it a night. Except, when I walk outside the Wynn, it is daytime. I look at my phone to see that the time is 6:30am. I walk down the street, still drunk, watching people in running apparel jog up or down the strip past me. The bums are gone, the sun hasn't made anything hot yet, I've lost a lot of cash, but somehow, I feel just fine.

I make it back to the hotel room where EGo has fallen asleep ontop of the comforter of his bed. I try to talk to him to get him to go underneath the covers, and he yells at me to shut up; however, he does eventually get under the blankets. I go to sleep a much poorer woman, but first make sure that I have closed the curtains of the room tightly.

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