Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rosarito, Mexico

Mark and I went to Mexico. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

When we got there, we missed the bus out of Tijuana to the hotel in Rosarito. Oh, great. If you've never been through the walk-through customs direct into Tijuana... Well, it's not really a place where you wanted to spend a bunch of time. Even during the day. There's not a lot there. Convenience stores are every other store, followed by Pharmacias. Did I mention you don't need a perscription? I did not partake, though. I figured I was going to be pumped on a lot of tequila.

So, after we wander around the streets of Tijuana, we wind up at an ABC bus station. Only problem is, the ladies selling tickets don't speak English. Well, fuck. One of them knows a little bit of English, but not enough to tell us where we can catch a bus to where we need to fucking go. So, we go back and take an over-priced taxi to Rosarito.

Well, shit, Rosarito Beach Hotel is a nice joint. We get there, and the room that they've given us is an ocean view. Fucking awesome. We didn't even have to pay extra. Then we hit the beach. The ocean waves were so intense that we couldn't even get out to a point where we could tread water. BIG waves, man. Would have been awesome if either of us could surf and had a board.

After being defeated by the ocean, we hit up a beach bar. After two drinks, we cruise on over to some ATVs that were parked next to the bar (nice placement, right?). I talk the dude down five bucks, then Mark and I go racing down the beach. We cruise around this crazy circle in the sand for half an hour; it was built with bumpy patches and whatnot so it was more fun to ride. Once our time is up, we tear ass back down the beach.

After that, we eat dinner (Mexican quacamole is THE SHIT), drink tequila, strawberry margaritas, more Mexican beer; we even get one of those dudes with the guitar who comes around to serenade us. Then we go and chill out in some hammocks by the side of the hotel. We tried to walk down the pier that was there, but it was locked.

But seriously, it couldn't have been more awesome an experience. My first time in a foreign country!

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