Thursday, September 4, 2008

Milwaukee, WI, part II.

EGo and I went on a tour of Lakefront Brewery. It is the end all, be all, hands-down, BEST brewery tour you could ever go on. I almost never want to go on another brewery tour because this one was so great, I don't think it could be topped.I love microbreweries because they make no bones about just wanting to let you drink their beer. Lakefront had us pay our six bucks, gave us chips that could be redeemed for drinks, and then let us go to the bar. This place had quite a few different kinds of beer, and all of them were very good. They have a pumpkin ale that's wonderful.

So Jim, our tourguide, apparently started the brewery with his brother, then wound up selling his half, and now does the tour. While I was in the can, EGo was talking to him. Jim finds out about our cross-country plans, and when I get back he chats us up about where we're going. We place our chips down to get another glass of beer from the bar, but he pushes them back at us and tells us that the beers are on him. Woo! Here's us with Jim.Basically, we go on the tour, come back, have more beer, get more free beer. Lakefront also gives out tickets to bars that serve their beer. You can take these tickets and get another beer for free, just as long as you get to any of these bars before 6pm. This is us on the way to one of those bars. Um, drunks faces included.
So, we go to one of these bars after the tour (the name is escaping me right now). Out of the bars that we pick, who happens to walk in? Jim, our tourguide. We proceed to drink with him and one of the guys that works at the brewery. Jim buys us more beer. After an hour or so, the two guys leave, and we're left to our own devices.

These devices include me getting hammered and not remembering the rest of the evening, so I'll end this here. I need to stop time-traveling.

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