Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Milwaukee, WI

I don't exactly feel great today. No, it's not hangover-related, thank you. For some reason I'm just nauseous as all hell and my throat hurts. Can't get sick!

We're now in Milwaukee, which is an awesome little city. I'm just glad that we're not here for the brutal winters that Carrie was talking about. EGo's friend Jason also mentioned the horrific amount of snow that they can get. I'll pass, thanks.

But for now, this place is pretty awesome. Small, easily negotiable city on foot. Last night, Jason took us out to dinner at a microbrewery, then to this bar called the Safe House. You literally need a password to get in. If you don't know the password, than the "agent" at the front asks you to do something to prove that you're basically a spy that needs refuge.

Jason knew the password, but EGo and I were totally game to do whatever was asked of us, so we asked him to not to tell us what it was. So Jason gives the agent at the front the password, and steps back to let us do our thing.I'm not going to tell you all of what happened, because that would ruin the fun. I will tell you that EGo and I had to stand back to back, arms locked, and get a hula hoop off the ground and over our heads without using our hands. Once we succeeded, you're let inside in a very cool manner (again, something I won't say), and you're let into the bar. I WILL ruin that they have moniters for people inside the bar to watch what's going on outside--so when we walked in, we recieved a round of applause. Fucking awesome!

Ladies and gents, this is the best bar EVER. There are hidden passages and shit. There's the worlds largest mechanical puzzle. The drink menu doesn't list what's in each drink because it's "classified". Seriously, this is the best theme bar on the falce of the planet.

Also, we saw this on the way there, and I find it incredibly amusing.
Okay, I need to go because EGo and I are doing a brewery tour.

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Pat said...

i swear if you don't have any Milwaukee's Best (BEAST) out there...i will be throughly disappointed.

enjoy the home of beer