Sunday, September 7, 2008

Somewhere, MN and SD

So, we spent the day driving from Jason's place in Wisconsin, through Minnesota, then through most of South Dakota. It was about a fourteen and a half hour drive. Two hours in, I had to switch with EGo because I hit the rumble strip on the side of the highway. I was definitely nodding off.

Basically, that's the most eventful thing that happened all day. Okay, sorta. Then we get to the campsite we're staying at. EGo had called before to make sure that they knew we were going to be there, and be there after the office was closed. They said that they'd leave instructions and a map posted on the office for the site where we could pitch our tent.

Of course, once we get there, there's nothing posted on the bulletin board next to the office door. EGo and I attempt to pull out his laptop for an internet connection to decide what to do next. Then, thankfully, once we get back into the car with the motor running and headlights on, this lady pokes her head out and asks if we're the ones who called about the tent camping. Yes, thanks.

She gives us the map and we drive about fifty feet up the road and pitch the tent in the glare of the high beams of the Jeep. This is me taking a picture when I should have been helping.Once we're done, we get inside. It promptly begins to rain. Fantastic. I worry about seepage and leaks. Then I fall asleep.

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